Think of Universal Staffing as your Partner in Employment
We realize the task of finding a job in today’s market is challenging. Our goal is to make your search easier, and provide you the best opportunity to maximize your potential to find that next position.

Sifting through the job postings on all the various websites can be mind numbing to say the least. Many of the postings are deceiving and leave you at a dead end. You’re asked to send your resume to blind ads without knowing where it’s going, only to never hear back from anyone. This process can elevate anyone’s stress level!

Universal Staffing provides a casual, friendly atmosphere where you will immediately feel welcome. Communication is the cornerstone to success in any business situation. We feel our communication is effective and informative assuring that you will know you have a partner throughout the entire employment process.

Universal Staffing offers:
  • In person interviews not a computerized application process requiring your life story with zero response
  • No fee to the applicant – all fees are employer paid
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Yearly Continuation Bonus
  • On site accounting department assuring that any payroll concerns are handled promptly
  • Marketing of your resume to employers – we don’t simply wait for a job order…we go find them!

You may begin the process with us in a few different ways:
  • Complete the online application
  • Send your resume as a Word document to
  • Call our office to discuss your background

Once you have done one of the following a representative of Universal will contact you to further discuss your search. Technology is a wonderful tool but it is also not fool proof. Please feel free to contact our office at any time to follow-up and assure that your information has been received. It’s the best way to rise to the top!